Born in the war country‐Liberia








「あぁ。父よ、母よ、友よ、恋人よ、どうか僕のために泣かないで 僕は自分の意思で戦場に行くのです。だからどうか泣かないで」。


“My parents were killed by the rebel. For the revenge, I offered myself for another rebel”

“The rebel soldier would kill me if I refused, so I forced myself to join.”

“To protect my life, my family,
and my property ”

“While firing, I feel very bad! Very very bad”

“I was hit by bullets several time and am so painful…I want to die.”

“We don’t want to fight by ourselves but if you or America want, we have to continue and finally the bullets pierce us”

“Oh my mother father, my friend, my woman. Don’t you cry for me. I owe my way to battle the front so don’t you cry for me.”

All Child soldiers shout in their minds. They were just born in the war country, and in the harsh environment which they can never change by themselves, as if they struggle to search their tomorrow.


Copyright (C) 2010 Takeshi KUNO