Cursed diamond‐Liberia

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リベリア−その意「自由の国」 罪なき人々の血を浴び、銃声と叫び声に包まれた呪われし小石は、幾つかの工程を経て輝くダイヤモンドとなり、永遠の愛を誓い合う世界の恋人たちの指に収まる。

In this small country of west Africa, there have been fierce fighting caused by diamonds and tribal oppositions between 1989 to 2003.

Total population 3.3 millions, including 300 thousands refugees and 150 thousands dead, numerous child soldiers, orphans, miners.

Children whose parents were killed in front of them. Women who were raped continuously. People who were forced to eat human flesh.
We can't imagine how many people have suffured from tiny stones in the mud.

Liberia-it means liberty nation. Cursed tiny stones gotten bloods and scream of innocent civilians become luminous sparkle diamonds, finally reach the fingers of lovers all over the world.

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