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Debre Damo, located in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia,near the border between Eritrea, is so unique monastery of any others. In the unending wasteland, the monastery, accessible only by rope up a sheer cliff. Women are prohibited,only men who can climb up the 15 meters cliff by their own hands are allowed to stand this holly place.

With a desperate struggle,I finally could reach there and soon my breath was taken away.The small flat top was covered by golden grasses, there were no sounds except wind. Several simple stone houses gathered and one church stood stately, as if it controled everything about here. The land was totally surrounded by sheer cliff.

The lives there are simple. They get up around 1am to pray at church until morning. The player times, my existence was neary forgotten and excet that moments they only occupied by the bible, chatting with compeers, eating and sleep.

I sat down at the edge of the cliff and look down the view with some monks.The relentless land spreads endlessly. This is the special holly place but has only few food and water. Here, they are just trying to peacefully live and die with God.

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